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When you stay at the Royal Norfolk Hotel in Paddington you can shop for all your gifts just 150 yards from the Royal Norfolk Hotel in the BRIGHT NEW Paddington Station- not only can you check your luggage in the 27 Check-in desks for your ongoing flight from Heathrow Airport via the Express train which leaves Platform 6 & 7 every 15 minutes right into Heathrow Airport!!

You can spend time all year browsing CD's, books, magazines, daily or weekly papers, many boutiques to select wide range of gifts of jewelry (H.Samuel), electronics, cameras, phones ( Dixons & Car Phone Warehouse), pharmacies (Boots)... As you walk, at Tie Rack you will find Silk Ties & Pashmina Scarves, Sock Shop & Sweaters galore or maybe new shirts from Van Heusen. Several leather goods stores for new luggage & accessories. Dry cleaners and food & wine stores like Sainsbury's are also nearby at your disposal.

Close to this Paddington hotel there are a wide choice of places to wine & dine and there are lots to choose from, a delightful Caviar House Fish Bar where you can enjoy a lobster, smoked salmon, seafood, or crab salads & a glass of chilled Muscadet, or Champagne!!

There are also English Pubs, Asian Restaurants, many Coffee Shops, Wine Bars, the advantage is that whatever the weather you know you can buy what you please is this bright modern setting.

If you are thinking of spending time in seeing Wales, Windsor, Oxford, Gloucester, the West Country, Stradford -on-Avon fast new modern trains will take you there.

This Paddington hotel has a new London Underground Station within the concourse will take you all over this vast fascinating City of London to do your sightseeing.

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